Stars of Cigars

Storm Boen
Op: Cigars for Warriors

After completing his Microbiology degree, he left the running and building of Nightclubs, and joined the U.S. Army.  After leaving Ft Bragg he joined the reserves and moved back home to Lubbock, TX.   In his civilian status he taught Martial Arts and combatives.  1SGT Boen was on multiple deployments including the invasion of Iraq.  Storm, was severely injured while on OEF orders, and eventually he medically retired after 18 years in the service.   From there he became a co founder of the National Charity Op: Cigars for Warriors.  Op: CFW is a 501c3 NPO military charity program with the purpose of sending the number 1 requested item to our deployed troops, Cigars.  Since 2012 they have sent over 300k premium cigars, to our deployed troops!  With help from great companies like Deadwood Tobacco Co. they have been succeeding in their mission.

Chris Stone
Drew Estate Cigars

Chris was born as the Asgardian God of Thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather manipulation amongst his other superhuman attributes. Drew Estate requested Chris "Thor" Stone to use his powers for cigar smoking good. He has been dropping the hottest swag and best deals over 4 years! 

Aaron “Kicker” Taylor

Aaron “Kicker” Taylor comes from Valparaiso Indiana and is an Ambassador for Deadwood Tobacco Company. He began enjoying cigars while serving in the US Marine Corps from 1990-1996. His true love for the leaf came into full throttle in 2010 when he met “Sweet Jane” at DTC while riding thru Deadwood on the way to Montana.

He is an active Member of the Board and event coordinator with “Operation: Cigars For Warriors”. OP:CFW is a non-profit group which sends quality cigars to our troops in combat zones around the world, providing a much needed source of relaxation and a taste of home.

Aaron has been in the saddle of a Harley since he was 20-years-old. He has ridden through 49 states so far and logged in many iron butt runs. Aaron is also a dedicated Shriner competing in motorcycle drill competitions and riding maneuvers in parades in support of Shriners Children’s Hospital.

John Crabtree
North Point, Florida
Married with one daughter

Originally from Joliet, IL, John started coming to Sturgis in 1995. He started smoking cigars in the early 90s. The first time he walked into Deadwood Tobacco Company, he knew he had found his home away from home. Because of his love for Deadwood Tobacco Co. and Sweet Jane Cigars, DTC proprietor Vaughn Boyd made him her #1 Ambassador. He has converted many a folks to Sweet Jane's pleasures.

Patrick Carr, Cigar Rights of America
Lakewood, Colorado
Married with two children, 26-year-old Shannon and 22-year-old Jordan

Born and raised in Chicago, Patrick moved to Colorado in 1982. He is now a grandfather of two. He has worked in cigar shops in Denver and was a local cigar bum. He has been smoking cigars professionally for 10 years. He started with Cigar Rights of America in 2008 as a member, then joined CRA as a state Ambassador in 2009. In 2010, he became part of CRA’s consumer advisory committee that mediated between consumers, CRA and Manufactures. In April 2012, he joined CRA full-time as the Field Operations Manager for CRA. As Field Manager, he oversees CRA’s Ambassador program that has over 200 state ambassadors and also travels to national, local and shop events across the US to promote CRA and sign up freedom loving members. Cigars are his passion and he loves the culture and believes we all have the right to enjoy them when we choose.

Tim Morris, Op: Cigars For Warriors

Tim Morris hails from the great historic state of Virginia. He is married and the father of five. Tim is an adventurous spirit who tries to live his bucket list. He has parachuted, become a pilot, and mined for gold among other things. He has had a varied career, ranging from farmer to executive and is currently a rural letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. Tim has smoked cigars occasionally over the years but really become involved in 2012 during a raffle held by Cigars for Warriors, a nonprofit group which provides cigars to troops serving outside the continental United States. Tim’s love of fine tobacco and people who serve our country led to his involvement with Cigars for Warriors. He is honored to serve in the shadows of Cigar for Warrior greats as the Director of Social Media, Events Coordinator and as a member of the Board. Tim’s favorite time of day is his Happy Time after work with a special cigar and a cup of coffee.

Greg Temple

Originally from Oregon, Greg migrated from the restaurant industry to wine sales in the 1990’s. During that time, US Tobacco acquired Stimson Lane (Now Chateau Ste. Michelle). Also during this time, the cigar industry was enjoying an explosion in popularity. So, supplied with a cigar portfolio and humidors, he did his part to bring the pleasure of smoking cigars to Southern Oregon. He also found himself caught up in the craze and have enjoyed this pastime ever since. There is only one thing better than relaxing with friends with a good cigar and that is being able to bring that enjoyment to others. He started working at Deadwood Tobacco in 2010 and his greatest satisfaction is still introducing the pleasure of a good cigar to the curious for the first time.

Fabien Ziegler
Drew Estate Cigars

After being in charge of events for Drew Estate in the US, I have started to travel all over the world to find the perfect combination of fun, great cigars, amazing people and refreshing drinks.  Deadwood remains one of my favorite stops every year.  Come one down and smoke a Drew Estate cigar and hear wild stories of my travels.  I've been with Drew Estate for 14 years so come on down and bring your questions and thirst for knowledge because class will be in session every day!  Nothing makes a day better then sitting and enjoying a great cigar, drink and conversation with new friends.  Your spot is waiting for you,  we'll see you real soon!

William “Wild Bill” Rectenwald

William “Wild Bill” Rectenwald is called upon from Drew Estate to bring his energy to Deadwood Tobacco. Hailing from small pockets of potential energy he will be sending electricity into the crowd. His lighting bolt deals shatter industry records. The brightness of his state of the art swag requires sunglasses. Stop in and smoke with Wild Bill from the Dirty Bunch Rides Agtain.

Micah Johnson
Bloodline O.P.A. Cigars

Micah Johnson, Of Nordic Decent, born in California Traveled to both the North and South Poles trying to figure out What to do for a Living. Father of 3 and husband to 1. Settled down in 1992 and opened a Small cigar shop that 22 years later still keeps him busy with his love of tobacco. Two years ago Micah took to the mountains of Esteli Nicaragua to learn the art of Blending Cigars. Bloodline is the name sake for the blend that stole his sole. Soft Crushed tobacco is the secret to the high flavor profile behind the cigars. Smoke one for yourself...And feel the passion behind this Truly Unique Blend.

Jeff Tinnell
Drew Estate

Though he looks like a professional wrestler, and a heel at that, Jefe "MoFro" Tinnell is the ever-loving Drew Estate Cigar Midwest Regional Sales Manager, aka the guru who will direct you on the path to cigar nirvana. Hit him up on twitter & Instagram @drewestatemofro.